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Why Do Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight?

Why Do Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight?

Most people wish that air mattresses were able to hold in air forever. The inconvenience of inflating it every time irks most people who don’t like to inflate the mattress more often. The air mattress, by design is made in such a way that it loses air slowly, but gradually. If it could hold in air, then it wouldn’t be soft, it would have a hard surface, which is not ideal to sleep on. A mattress should be soft, and this material cannot hold air forever.why-air-mattress-deflate-night

Not all mattresses loose air at the same rate. Some are designed differently, and different factors also play a role, for example the body weight of the person sleeping on it, and the elevation. A mattress that is used in places of high altitudes looses air much faster than those in lower altitudes


Its general knowledge that hot air expands, and cold air condenses. The air inside a mattress works in the same way, such that during the day, the mattress looks like it’s well inflated, because the temperature is warm, making the air inside the mattress to expand. At night, with a colder temperature, the same air condenses; making it look like it has lost air. This can be remedied by keeping the room temperature at constant, making the air inside the mattress to be constant


Leakages are prone in mattresses, and this is one of the major reasons why the mattress loose air. This can be solved by patching up the leaking area. Most of the stores that sell air mattresses have solutions on how to patch p a leaking area. If the leakage cannot be stopped, then the air mattress may no longer be usable.

Air mattress opening

Regular use of the opening and closing to inflate or deflate a mattress leads to its wear and tear, and over time, it may not keep air in for long because it loses its rigidity over time. This can be corrected by tapping over it once inflation is done, to reduce the loss of air.

Automatic air pump

Get a mattress with an automatic air pump. The pump detects when the air inside the mattresses ahs decreased, and slowly pumps in air automatically. This helps in having a mattress that is constantly inflated when needed.

Absence of good airtight valves

Cheaper mattresses have this problem. The loose valves will not be able to keep air in, even if there is an automatic pump. The air won’t be able to stay inside the mattress.

Lack of good care while storing or packing

Mishandling of the mattress my lead to damaging of the valves or air opening. The mattress should be properly aligned to reduce chances of damages. If an air mattress is not packed correctly, it will develop small holes that cannot be detected. Packing the mattress as it was package helps in keeping the alignment in place and ensures a longer lifespan of the mattress.


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