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Understanding Foam Densities

Understanding Foam Densities

First, to understand what density is, in a layman’s language, it is how a mattress is compacted. Density in foam mattress is measured by using a material that measures 12’ by 12’ 12’.


Density of a mattress is more important to note for people who carry more weight. This is because density will directly impact on your comfort, and the durability of the mattress. Heavier people will sink in deeper into a mattress; therefore, a higher density would be the best option. Careful considerations should be put on the top five or six inches. This is the part that breaks down easily, by developing problems such as softening, or sinking in.

There are different types of foam mattresses. Each has a different density.

Poly foam

Poly foam is good when working on a budget. It is typically the least expensive. But with cheaper products, they tend to deteriorate faster. The density of the poly foam is at most times low, meaning they wear out faster. Poly foam is the best option if the mattress will be rarely used for example in a guest room. Some products have a hybrid of various foams, but use poly foam as the base. This is largely an economic reason, as it is easy to compress, saving costs in shipping

Memory foam

It well known for its ability to limit motion transfers. Designed in the 1060 for NASA pilots, the intention was to help absorb energy to protect pilots.  It responds to pressure and body heat, to distribute weight evenly. That technology was then produce quality memory foam mattress. Memory foam is typically denser, and therefore more costly. One of its characteristic is that as the body heats up, it sinks in, limiting movement or turning around at night. This feature doesn’t go well with some people, while others like it. Memory foam with high density is more expensive, but it will last longer. Its generally hard t first, but with time, it will adapt to your body. The advantage of this mattress is that it improves the health of your body by offering pressure support, better circulation and helps in relieving aches and pains.

Latex foam

This is a highly durable product to be considered when shopping for a mattress to be used in the long term. Latex foams are made from either natural or synthetic materials. The natural latex is extracted from a rubber tree. This product is more expensive than synthetic latex. Latex is preferably cheaper, but with all cheap products, it’s not as durable as the natural latex foam. The original process for creating a denser end product is the Dunlop process. Further processing with the Dunlop process uses a vacuum to remove air from the foam then it is mold frozen to increase air flow. Any of the process will bring a durable end product, though Dunlop is cheaper. It is also has higher density, therefore suitable to be used as a base. Natural talalay has better health and environmental benefits


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