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Tips On How To Clean a Mattress

Tips On How To Clean a Mattress

Many people spend over five hours a day on a mattress. Therefore the surface of the mattress gets quite dirty, as there is a lot of perspiration, sweat and other bodily fluids. Dust also gets to the mattress, increasing the germs on it. Germs on mattress come on three main varieties, grease, tannin and proteins. Before starting on the mattress, make sure all the other garments, like the mattress pad, the sheets and bed spreads. Remember to check the manufactures label on what to void while cleaning the mattress, so as not to permanently ruin the mattress.

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Some of the best ways of cleaning the mattress include;

  1. Spraying. Disinfectants like Lysol. They are harmless to the fabric, and remove any smelly surface to further freshen the mattress, use some baking soda, and then wait for 15 -20 minutes, before vacuuming it. Hold the lever firmly over the surface for some time, for deep vacuuming.
  2. Using the upholster on the vacuum cleaner. The advantage of this is that it has enzymes that effectively remove any odors. This is also the best way to clean the mattress if your pets sleep on it. Start vacuuming From the top, then slowly and in overlapping motion, work on narrow paths to make sure all the areas have been covered. Do not forget to vacuum the sides of the mattress. Work on the other side of the mattress once one surface is completely vacuumed. Once the vacuuming is complete, dispose off the bag and the filter to prevent any mold spores from leaking
  3. Using a garment steamer. This removes any dust mites that can be on the surface. Some of the stains may have dried up, and vacuuming it will not remove the stains. Remember mattresses don’t do well in moisture, so make sure it’s completely dry before setting it back. Deodorizing it also removes any odors as vacuum dries any stains on the surface. Isopropyl and warm water can be used to remove any odors
  4. Take the mattress outside. Some stains maybe moist or too much moisture causes them to get stains. The sun naturally dries them, and later you can sweep or wipe any remaining dirt on the mattress. Flipping it over, to make sure both surfaces are rid of the moisture. The sun may not remove any odors, so you may also need to apply any deodorant on the surface in case there is any smelly surface on the mattress
  5. Vinegar or citrus cleaner is very effective on some stains. Spray the surface with the vinegar, or apply it on a clean cloth and rub the surface. Both the citrus and vinegar are acidic in nature, and therefore helps in removing stains. Hydrogen peroxide also works effectively on blood stains. Dab the surface with the fluid, and wait for some few minutes until it’s dry, then scrap the residue off. Remember to use a white cloth to prevent dying of colors from the cloth to the surface of the mattress.


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