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How to transport a mattress?

How to transport a mattress?

transport-mattressMattresses are bulky things that cover a lot of space. Its bulkiness makes it quite difficult to move it around. Mattress while in or out of a house, transporting it can move it can prove to be a task. Mattresses, are quite expensive, and so while moving or transporting, proper care and handling should be considered.  Homes that have more than 4 beds can prove to be difficult to transport the four or more mattresses. Since they are expensive, they can’t easily be disposed of or left while moving. The following steps help to ensure proper transportation of a


Get all the materials to be used in packing the mattress. Planning is crucial while moving, therefore look for truck for transport, or lorry, or  a pickup, then get materials  ready   for example plastic mattress bag, labels and tapes.  These materials should be with you as you start packing up the mattress or mattresses. Other materials that should be available include scissors and working gloves

Clear the space to work on

You won’t like when some obstacles are obscuring you from packing up. Ensure that anything surrounding the mattress is removed to give you a good space. A lot of movement will be happening when the packing starts, and so you wouldn’t want any obscurity.


A mattress is a very valuable item. Packing it and wrapping it well is the first step to ensuring its safety. You don’t want to get to your destination and preparing to sleep only to find that the mattress was ruined while on transit. One of the materials used is a mattress bag. It protects the mattress from any fluids, any tears, dust or general dirt.

Clear labels

As with all the other items in the house, labeling the mattress well ensures that the right mattress is taken to the correct room. There is nothing as bad as confusing items in the new house. If all the mattresses are of the same make and model, labeling it ensures that what was used by the kids goes to the kids’ room n the new home, likewise to the other items


Get a friend or someone to help you move. Most mattresses are not very heavy, but rather bulky. Get someone to help it move from the house to the truck. Taking the mares without bending it is the best way to transport it, so as to retain its former shape and reduce any tear


Ensure that you use the right vehicle to ensure that you don’t unnecessarily fold the mattress. Some mattresses come with their own user guideline on how to pack and transport. Most foam memory mattresses have labels on them. It’s best to check. The best place to put your mattress is against the all of the truck. For maximum safety tie it tight with a rope. When using a saloon car, tie the mattress on the roof by opening both the passenger doors and loop the rope over the mattress


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