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Dreamfoam Bedding vs. Brooklyn Bedding: Which is Right for You?

Dreamfoam Bedding vs. Brooklyn Bedding: Which is Right for You?

Dreamfoam Bedding and Brooklyn Bedding are sister companies, that have similar features in their products.  Both are very good products, but customer preference is dynamic. Both products have very valuable features .the biggest difference in the two products include the following.Dreamfoam Bedding vs Brooklyn


Dreamfoam mattress has many options to choose from. This offers a buyer the option to select what’s best for his/ her need.  One can choose from latex, foam, or memory foam. On the other hand, Brooklyn has one option to choose from, which may limit a buyer to the only one option. A customer who may have a different or unique need may not opt for Brooklyn mattress


For shoppers on a budget, it would be way easier to select an option that fits the set budget. Dream form bedding is priced lower than Brooklyn bedding. It offers real value for money for shoppers who do not want to spend too much money on a mattress. Brooklyn mattress boats of better quality and durability, so some customers may opt to spend a little bit more than they would have spend on a dreamform

Eco friendly

Dream form mattresses are more co friendly; one of the options is a bamboo cover, which the Brooklyn mattress doesn’t have.  Bamboo grows very fast, and it has an annual period of harvesting, which means it can replenish fast enough. Most companies have opted to go the environmentally friendly way of making products. This option by Dreamfoam mattress goes down well with consumers who are conscious about the need to conserve the environment by using products that are deemed to be friendly to the environment by reducing the carbon print. Bamboo is biodegradable and natural, so there won’t be any pollution to the environment. Other advantage of the bamboo material is that it is very compatible with sensitive to the skin and it has a very soft touch. Bamboo is very durable, that offer value for money. In varying temperatures, it is thermo regulating. This keeps you cool in the summer and warm during the cold winter.

Trial period

Most customers may opt for a product that has a trial time. For a product to have a longer trial period, it means that the manufacturer believes in the product. It’s more of a guarantee that the product will offer the value for money. The difference in the two companies is that while Brooklyn mattress offers an extended trial period of up to 120 days Dreamfoam has a trial period of 90 days.  Brooklyn mattress may have this trial period to their advantage as customers would prefer to really test out the product before finally committing to buy


Dream form mattress ultimate dreams latex has 3 inches of talalay latex comfort layer, while Brooklyn bedding has 2 inches of talalay latex comfort layer. Dreamfoam ultimate dreams latex has 1.5 inches of reflex foam, while Brooklyn bedding has only two inches of 2 inches Dunlop latex comfort layer.


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