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Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame?

Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame?

Air mattresses are very convenient to use   for alternate sleeping places. They can be deflated and stored way easily without being conspicuous. They can easily be moved from room to room, or one place to another, especially in camping. Sadly, air mattresses are a bit hard to use on a regular wooden or metal frame. This is because the designs of the metal or wooden bed frames come with 3 and 5 slats for its support. This hinders the air mattress from being placed on top of a bed frame. However, a few options are available.

Most people who own air mattresses may not look for a frame to elevate it. This may be majorly because the air mattress slides, or moves around. This annoys most people. However, for the ones who really need to put an air mattress on a frame, to avoid sliding, they should position the bed frame plus air mattress on a wall. This will help reduce the movements. If one is lucky to have two walls that a frame can be put against, it reduces movement up to 50%. Another option is to use heavy duty Velcro strip. Join the mattress and frame with the strips on both sides to stop movements.

Options of putting an air mattress on a wooden/metal frame include,

Using plywood

The air mattress alone cannot be put on a bed frame.   By getting pieces of plywood that have at least ¾ inch thickness. This is then be placed on top a bed frame the ply wood can be covered with any non penetrative sheet, such that incase there is any splinter; it won’t affect the air mattress. It is a safer way to have an air mattress on a frame. The air mattress has a tendency to lose heat, because of the air inside. The ply wood will come in handy, to keep that body heat from escaping to the floor. The plywood will act as an insulator, to keep the body heat thereby keeping the temperature constant. Absence of the plywood will mean that the air mattress cannot maintain the heat emitted by the body, and on cold nights, whoever is sleeping there will not be comfortable during cold nights.

Using a box spring on top of a frame

Using a box spring as a foundation for the air mattress is another effective way of making a frame for the air mattress. This is done mostly when using a metal frame. Metal frame may not support too much weight, therefore using the box spring to offer a good foundation is the best way to utilize the metal frame. Don’t forget to cover the box spring with something like tarp, or any other non invasive material, to help in preventing any sharp springs from pricking through and damaging the air mattress. The box spring also acts as an insulator in cold nights, to keep the heat inside the air mattress.


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