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Camping on an Air Mattress in Cold Weather

Camping on an Air Mattress in Cold Weather

Camping is fun as it allows us to relax and be closer to nature. As much as it is enjoyable, camping in cold temperatures maybe a bit problematic if one doesn’t know how well to cope with the cold. Sleeping at night is a major problem, as that is the time when the temperatures are very low. Camping on an air mattress in cold weather needs proper consideration before one goes out camping.camping-air-mattress-in-cold-weather

Prepare well for the camp

Before going out to camp in a cold weather, proper planning is mandatory. Know the kind of person you are, and how you sleep. If you can’t sleep in very cold temperatures, then prepare well for good the condition.

What to pack

For people who don’t like cold temperatures, a frame is the best device to separate the mattress with the ground. Some insulated air mattresses are available, which can be plugged in to a car heater. This offers extra warmth in cold temperatures

Preparing your air mattress frame

One of the most important points is to make sure that the mattress is separated from the cold surface/ground. If the mattress comes in contact with the ground, the air inside the mattress will be very cold, and this will reach the surface of the air mattress, making it cold and uncomfortable to sleep on.

Tips on how to stay warm with an air mattress

One of the latest developments to make air mattresses favorable to sleep on in cold nights is a self insulating pad. It doesn’t not compress too much, hence it keeps its insulating property. A thin self insulating pad is placed on top of the air mattress to trap warm air against the body and help campers stay warm, even on cold nights

¾ length pad

A self insulating pad can insulate enough to make a camper sleep warmly in a cold night. They are a bit short to be used by daily campers, unless they are children. You can also include unwanted clothes under the feet to keep the feet warm, socks are also ideal for sleeping with on cold nights

Additional clothing

Putting clothing between a sleeping bag and an air mattress will increase the warmness. Using insulators like newspapers, cardboards also help in keeping the warm temperatures from the body from not going to the ground through the air mattress

Air mattress losses pressure in cold nights

Change in temperatures between the time the air mattress was inflated and usage may cause change in the pressure. Ensure that the mattress is well inflated, to compensate for any drop in pressure

Keep the air mattress in a good condition

After a night’s sleep, there may be perspiration, and most of this will condense on the surface of the air mattress. Remove the sleeping bag to allow the condensation evaporate, both on the pad and the mattress. This helps in keeping the air mattress in a good condition for future uses.


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