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6 Different Mattress Thickness you need to be aware of


One of the vital attribute to consider when purchasing an air mattress along with the brand, material, name, specifications, etc. is the thickness of the bed which can also be specified as the mattress height.

Why consider choosing the mattress height?

The height of the mattress plays a more significant role in the appearance of the bed in the room; you need to ask specific questions to yourself before getting a mattress for you.

Will your new height inflatable air bed will fit the surrounding furnishing and the headboard?

Are you going to replace the headboard and bed base at the same time? If so, how would be the appearance of your new mattress in the room?

Do you need to add up extra layers of cushions or any additional winter bedding and finishing touches?

Different Mattress Thickness you need to know

Proceed below to check out the six different type of mattress height you can choose for your comfort.

Low Profile Mattress

The low profile mattress is mostly developed between 2 to 5 inches in height and are available in different constructions namely floor mattress which can be folded to be compact and air beds. The mattress is the best suit for the bedroom with the preferred style and for the one who needs a bed to the floor level.

Thin Mattress

The thin mattresses are developed to be between 5 to 8 inches and designed with foam as it’s considered to be the densest material. Most of the crib mattresses and children bed are developed to be thin; you can also find getting this for babies, kids as they need the lightweight bed for the comfortable sleep. Best for the contemporary style bedroom and especially with the economic Scandinavian design, light woods and with clean lines.

Standard Mattress

The mattress is considered to be the standard size and developed between 8 to 12 inches in height. The bed will be available mostly in the usual constructions and conventional beddings namely latex, memory foam and spring. Each of the materials is developed with various firmness depending on the material types.

Medium to Thick Mattress

The mattress varies in the height in between 12 to 18 inches, and these type of beddings are made of different materials. Some are designed to be single, and few of them come with dual elements. The mattress of this type are usually expensive and also have high reductions when sales start.

Very Thick Mattress

The mattress of this type is developed to be the height of above 20 inches for the reliability, they are perfect for any retreat setting, imposing bedroom furniture and any proportions of bed bases substantials. The mattress is found less in showrooms and marketplaces; they are expensive in nature.

Mattress Toppers

The toppers are considered to be the cost-effective and affordable option and best alternative to the conventional bedding. They are developed to be in the 4 inches thickness and can be adjusted as per the comfort and bed height easily. The mattress toppers can easily upgrade the particular feel and firmness based on the pressure points and the material.

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide on the different mattress height helped you to know about choosing the desired mattress thickness for your comfort and preference.

Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the topic are welcome.

Share your experience on the mattress bed height in the comment section below.

9 Important Benefits of Air Mattress


If you are in need of an air mattress and going to get a new one, it’s mandatory you know the advantages and disadvantages of an Air Mattress before making them your own.

Air mattress may not be much expensive or bulky in size when compared to the conventional type namely spring or latex but are capable of providing a higher satisfaction while you lay on them.

Air Mattress can be used and taken anywhere, for, eg, to any camping trips or as a temporary guest bed, etc.

Air Mattress Pros

Proceed below to check out the essential advantages of the air mattress in depth.

Best for Back Pain

Air Mattress is considered to be the best mattress for getting rid of the back pain as you can adjust the firmness as per your comfort. Some cushion may be soft, and just a single press will help to add air on any firmer surface and therefore easily offer relief from the back pain and also helps in better body contouring.

Custom Firmness

One of the significant benefits of having an air mattress in any indoor or outdoor situation is that they are capable of making custom firmness, you can set the firm as soft as you need, you can also more air to reduce for a smooth and plush surface. The air mattress can be used as the best guest bed as everyone loves to sleep on the different surfaces.

Odor Free

The material used while manufacturing the air mattress is PVC materials and therefore there are no chances for off-gassing nasty odor, and they provide a new look even though you use them multiple times.

Sharing a Bed

The air mattress can be used by your partner or anyone as every bed is made of two inner chambers separately and therefore you can adjust the firmness on each side of the bed as your preference and wish. Use the bed as loved by yourself and you need not compromise for anyone.


The PVC material is developed to be hard wearing, and they are capable of counter sagging issues. Therefore the air mattress can last for an extended period when compared to the foam, innerspring or latex. These conventional type will last at least for ten years, and an air mattress can extend at least for 15 years without leaving you hard.

No chance for Sagging

Most of the conventional type beds surface tends to get lower after few year of usage when the user sleeps on it, but you cannot find these problems in an air mattress. You can inflate or deflate as you wish and therefore this helps in eliminating the sag once the person sleeps on them.  

Low Price

An air mattress costs lower when compared to the conventional beds along with the comfortable feel.

Faster Inflating

Air beds can be inflated to its original size within minutes based on the pump quality, a slightly smaller non-raised air camping mattress is capable of inflating in just 3 minutes to its original size.

Multiple Uses

An inflatable air mattress can be used for many uses whether that may be indoor or outdoor. Based on your preference you can choose the low profile or high profile option with ease.

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide on air mattress helped you to know about the advantages of the inflatable air bed in depth.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the air mattress are welcome.

What do you think of these inflatable air beds? Share your experience in the comment section below.

Understanding Foam Densities


First, to understand what density is, in a layman’s language, it is how a mattress is compacted. Density in foam mattress is measured by using a material that measures 12’ by 12’ 12’.


Density of a mattress is more important to note for people who carry more weight. This is because density will directly impact on your comfort, and the durability of the mattress. Heavier people will sink in deeper into a mattress; therefore, a higher density would be the best option. Careful considerations should be put on the top five or six inches. This is the part that breaks down easily, by developing problems such as softening, or sinking in.

There are different types of foam mattresses. Each has a different density.

Poly foam

Poly foam is good when working on a budget. It is typically the least expensive. But with cheaper products, they tend to deteriorate faster. The density of the poly foam is at most times low, meaning they wear out faster. Poly foam is the best option if the mattress will be rarely used for example in a guest room. Some products have a hybrid of various foams, but use poly foam as the base. This is largely an economic reason, as it is easy to compress, saving costs in shipping

Memory foam

It well known for its ability to limit motion transfers. Designed in the 1060 for NASA pilots, the intention was to help absorb energy to protect pilots.  It responds to pressure and body heat, to distribute weight evenly. That technology was then produce quality memory foam mattress. Memory foam is typically denser, and therefore more costly. One of its characteristic is that as the body heats up, it sinks in, limiting movement or turning around at night. This feature doesn’t go well with some people, while others like it. Memory foam with high density is more expensive, but it will last longer. Its generally hard t first, but with time, it will adapt to your body. The advantage of this mattress is that it improves the health of your body by offering pressure support, better circulation and helps in relieving aches and pains.

Latex foam

This is a highly durable product to be considered when shopping for a mattress to be used in the long term. Latex foams are made from either natural or synthetic materials. The natural latex is extracted from a rubber tree. This product is more expensive than synthetic latex. Latex is preferably cheaper, but with all cheap products, it’s not as durable as the natural latex foam. The original process for creating a denser end product is the Dunlop process. Further processing with the Dunlop process uses a vacuum to remove air from the foam then it is mold frozen to increase air flow. Any of the process will bring a durable end product, though Dunlop is cheaper. It is also has higher density, therefore suitable to be used as a base. Natural talalay has better health and environmental benefits

How to transport a mattress?


transport-mattressMattresses are bulky things that cover a lot of space. Its bulkiness makes it quite difficult to move it around. Mattress while in or out of a house, transporting it can move it can prove to be a task. Mattresses, are quite expensive, and so while moving or transporting, proper care and handling should be considered.  Homes that have more than 4 beds can prove to be difficult to transport the four or more mattresses. Since they are expensive, they can’t easily be disposed of or left while moving. The following steps help to ensure proper transportation of a


Get all the materials to be used in packing the mattress. Planning is crucial while moving, therefore look for truck for transport, or lorry, or  a pickup, then get materials  ready   for example plastic mattress bag, labels and tapes.  These materials should be with you as you start packing up the mattress or mattresses. Other materials that should be available include scissors and working gloves

Clear the space to work on

You won’t like when some obstacles are obscuring you from packing up. Ensure that anything surrounding the mattress is removed to give you a good space. A lot of movement will be happening when the packing starts, and so you wouldn’t want any obscurity.


A mattress is a very valuable item. Packing it and wrapping it well is the first step to ensuring its safety. You don’t want to get to your destination and preparing to sleep only to find that the mattress was ruined while on transit. One of the materials used is a mattress bag. It protects the mattress from any fluids, any tears, dust or general dirt.

Clear labels

As with all the other items in the house, labeling the mattress well ensures that the right mattress is taken to the correct room. There is nothing as bad as confusing items in the new house. If all the mattresses are of the same make and model, labeling it ensures that what was used by the kids goes to the kids’ room n the new home, likewise to the other items


Get a friend or someone to help you move. Most mattresses are not very heavy, but rather bulky. Get someone to help it move from the house to the truck. Taking the mares without bending it is the best way to transport it, so as to retain its former shape and reduce any tear


Ensure that you use the right vehicle to ensure that you don’t unnecessarily fold the mattress. Some mattresses come with their own user guideline on how to pack and transport. Most foam memory mattresses have labels on them. It’s best to check. The best place to put your mattress is against the all of the truck. For maximum safety tie it tight with a rope. When using a saloon car, tie the mattress on the roof by opening both the passenger doors and loop the rope over the mattress

Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame?


Air mattresses are very convenient to use   for alternate sleeping places. They can be deflated and stored way easily without being conspicuous. They can easily be moved from room to room, or one place to another, especially in camping. Sadly, air mattresses are a bit hard to use on a regular wooden or metal frame. This is because the designs of the metal or wooden bed frames come with 3 and 5 slats for its support. This hinders the air mattress from being placed on top of a bed frame. However, a few options are available.

Most people who own air mattresses may not look for a frame to elevate it. This may be majorly because the air mattress slides, or moves around. This annoys most people. However, for the ones who really need to put an air mattress on a frame, to avoid sliding, they should position the bed frame plus air mattress on a wall. This will help reduce the movements. If one is lucky to have two walls that a frame can be put against, it reduces movement up to 50%. Another option is to use heavy duty Velcro strip. Join the mattress and frame with the strips on both sides to stop movements.

Options of putting an air mattress on a wooden/metal frame include,

Using plywood

The air mattress alone cannot be put on a bed frame.   By getting pieces of plywood that have at least ¾ inch thickness. This is then be placed on top a bed frame the ply wood can be covered with any non penetrative sheet, such that incase there is any splinter; it won’t affect the air mattress. It is a safer way to have an air mattress on a frame. The air mattress has a tendency to lose heat, because of the air inside. The ply wood will come in handy, to keep that body heat from escaping to the floor. The plywood will act as an insulator, to keep the body heat thereby keeping the temperature constant. Absence of the plywood will mean that the air mattress cannot maintain the heat emitted by the body, and on cold nights, whoever is sleeping there will not be comfortable during cold nights.

Using a box spring on top of a frame

Using a box spring as a foundation for the air mattress is another effective way of making a frame for the air mattress. This is done mostly when using a metal frame. Metal frame may not support too much weight, therefore using the box spring to offer a good foundation is the best way to utilize the metal frame. Don’t forget to cover the box spring with something like tarp, or any other non invasive material, to help in preventing any sharp springs from pricking through and damaging the air mattress. The box spring also acts as an insulator in cold nights, to keep the heat inside the air mattress.

Dreamfoam Bedding vs. Brooklyn Bedding: Which is Right for You?


Dreamfoam Bedding and Brooklyn Bedding are sister companies, that have similar features in their products.  Both are very good products, but customer preference is dynamic. Both products have very valuable features .the biggest difference in the two products include the following.Dreamfoam Bedding vs Brooklyn


Dreamfoam mattress has many options to choose from. This offers a buyer the option to select what’s best for his/ her need.  One can choose from latex, foam, or memory foam. On the other hand, Brooklyn has one option to choose from, which may limit a buyer to the only one option. A customer who may have a different or unique need may not opt for Brooklyn mattress


For shoppers on a budget, it would be way easier to select an option that fits the set budget. Dream form bedding is priced lower than Brooklyn bedding. It offers real value for money for shoppers who do not want to spend too much money on a mattress. Brooklyn mattress boats of better quality and durability, so some customers may opt to spend a little bit more than they would have spend on a dreamform

Eco friendly

Dream form mattresses are more co friendly; one of the options is a bamboo cover, which the Brooklyn mattress doesn’t have.  Bamboo grows very fast, and it has an annual period of harvesting, which means it can replenish fast enough. Most companies have opted to go the environmentally friendly way of making products. This option by Dreamfoam mattress goes down well with consumers who are conscious about the need to conserve the environment by using products that are deemed to be friendly to the environment by reducing the carbon print. Bamboo is biodegradable and natural, so there won’t be any pollution to the environment. Other advantage of the bamboo material is that it is very compatible with sensitive to the skin and it has a very soft touch. Bamboo is very durable, that offer value for money. In varying temperatures, it is thermo regulating. This keeps you cool in the summer and warm during the cold winter.

Trial period

Most customers may opt for a product that has a trial time. For a product to have a longer trial period, it means that the manufacturer believes in the product. It’s more of a guarantee that the product will offer the value for money. The difference in the two companies is that while Brooklyn mattress offers an extended trial period of up to 120 days Dreamfoam has a trial period of 90 days.  Brooklyn mattress may have this trial period to their advantage as customers would prefer to really test out the product before finally committing to buy


Dream form mattress ultimate dreams latex has 3 inches of talalay latex comfort layer, while Brooklyn bedding has 2 inches of talalay latex comfort layer. Dreamfoam ultimate dreams latex has 1.5 inches of reflex foam, while Brooklyn bedding has only two inches of 2 inches Dunlop latex comfort layer.

Why Do Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight?


Most people wish that air mattresses were able to hold in air forever. The inconvenience of inflating it every time irks most people who don’t like to inflate the mattress more often. The air mattress, by design is made in such a way that it loses air slowly, but gradually. If it could hold in air, then it wouldn’t be soft, it would have a hard surface, which is not ideal to sleep on. A mattress should be soft, and this material cannot hold air forever.why-air-mattress-deflate-night

Not all mattresses loose air at the same rate. Some are designed differently, and different factors also play a role, for example the body weight of the person sleeping on it, and the elevation. A mattress that is used in places of high altitudes looses air much faster than those in lower altitudes


Its general knowledge that hot air expands, and cold air condenses. The air inside a mattress works in the same way, such that during the day, the mattress looks like it’s well inflated, because the temperature is warm, making the air inside the mattress to expand. At night, with a colder temperature, the same air condenses; making it look like it has lost air. This can be remedied by keeping the room temperature at constant, making the air inside the mattress to be constant


Leakages are prone in mattresses, and this is one of the major reasons why the mattress loose air. This can be solved by patching up the leaking area. Most of the stores that sell air mattresses have solutions on how to patch p a leaking area. If the leakage cannot be stopped, then the air mattress may no longer be usable.

Air mattress opening

Regular use of the opening and closing to inflate or deflate a mattress leads to its wear and tear, and over time, it may not keep air in for long because it loses its rigidity over time. This can be corrected by tapping over it once inflation is done, to reduce the loss of air.

Automatic air pump

Get a mattress with an automatic air pump. The pump detects when the air inside the mattresses ahs decreased, and slowly pumps in air automatically. This helps in having a mattress that is constantly inflated when needed.

Absence of good airtight valves

Cheaper mattresses have this problem. The loose valves will not be able to keep air in, even if there is an automatic pump. The air won’t be able to stay inside the mattress.

Lack of good care while storing or packing

Mishandling of the mattress my lead to damaging of the valves or air opening. The mattress should be properly aligned to reduce chances of damages. If an air mattress is not packed correctly, it will develop small holes that cannot be detected. Packing the mattress as it was package helps in keeping the alignment in place and ensures a longer lifespan of the mattress.

Camping on an Air Mattress in Cold Weather


Camping is fun as it allows us to relax and be closer to nature. As much as it is enjoyable, camping in cold temperatures maybe a bit problematic if one doesn’t know how well to cope with the cold. Sleeping at night is a major problem, as that is the time when the temperatures are very low. Camping on an air mattress in cold weather needs proper consideration before one goes out camping.camping-air-mattress-in-cold-weather

Prepare well for the camp

Before going out to camp in a cold weather, proper planning is mandatory. Know the kind of person you are, and how you sleep. If you can’t sleep in very cold temperatures, then prepare well for good the condition.

What to pack

For people who don’t like cold temperatures, a frame is the best device to separate the mattress with the ground. Some insulated air mattresses are available, which can be plugged in to a car heater. This offers extra warmth in cold temperatures

Preparing your air mattress frame

One of the most important points is to make sure that the mattress is separated from the cold surface/ground. If the mattress comes in contact with the ground, the air inside the mattress will be very cold, and this will reach the surface of the air mattress, making it cold and uncomfortable to sleep on.

Tips on how to stay warm with an air mattress

One of the latest developments to make air mattresses favorable to sleep on in cold nights is a self insulating pad. It doesn’t not compress too much, hence it keeps its insulating property. A thin self insulating pad is placed on top of the air mattress to trap warm air against the body and help campers stay warm, even on cold nights

¾ length pad

A self insulating pad can insulate enough to make a camper sleep warmly in a cold night. They are a bit short to be used by daily campers, unless they are children. You can also include unwanted clothes under the feet to keep the feet warm, socks are also ideal for sleeping with on cold nights

Additional clothing

Putting clothing between a sleeping bag and an air mattress will increase the warmness. Using insulators like newspapers, cardboards also help in keeping the warm temperatures from the body from not going to the ground through the air mattress

Air mattress losses pressure in cold nights

Change in temperatures between the time the air mattress was inflated and usage may cause change in the pressure. Ensure that the mattress is well inflated, to compensate for any drop in pressure

Keep the air mattress in a good condition

After a night’s sleep, there may be perspiration, and most of this will condense on the surface of the air mattress. Remove the sleeping bag to allow the condensation evaporate, both on the pad and the mattress. This helps in keeping the air mattress in a good condition for future uses.

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?


Some people say that we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, on a mattress. Well, as much as that may be true, we should be changing our mattresses, occasionally. Some researchers have put a life span of a mattress from five to seven years, depending on its usability. So if your mattress is older than 8 years, it’s probably the best time to change it.


The following are some of the reasons or signs to tell you that it’s time to change your mattress.

No sleep

If you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and probably have a neck ache, tour mattress may not be providing the comfort it should. Remember that mattresses should balance your motion while asleep. If some part of a mattress is softer than other parts, then it will result in unbalanced level of the mattress. You may find yourself sleeping in the middle of the mattress, which has caved in, due to sleeping on the same position daily. To have a good night’s sleep, one should be able to move evenly on the mattress, and sleep on whichever side of the mattress.

Check for wear and tear

Take some good time and really inspect your mattress any damages, holes, sagginess in the middle, lumpiness, means it’s time to change the mattress. If the materials have degraded, it will greatly affect your sleep.  A worn out mattress may not give you the comfort you need in your sleep

Check how comfortable your partner is

If your partner is not comfortable while sleeping, and always turns and tosses around, it may be because of the worn out mattress. Remember if your partner is always turning and tossing at night, he/she will also affect your sleep. A good sleep leads to a quality life.

Your mattress has pests

A worn out mattress may not be without dead skin cells, bedbugs or dust mites. These pests will not give you any peace as you sleep at night. An old mattress even if regularly cleaned, will not be totally rid of some stubborn unwanted dirt, which will harbor some pests.

More than eight years old

The mattress you bought eight years ago may not be able to accommodate your current lifestyle. If you have married, or have kids, then the mattress may not be able to offer the same comfort as it did when you were still single. Your body may have also changed you may have gained weight or developed a backache, or started having general health issue. Technology has improved ad therefore you should get a new mattress that can accommodate your current need, if yours is more than 8 years old.

Alternate sleeping places

If your couch or recliner seat offers better sleep than your bed, it’s a way of letting you know that your mattress is no longer offering the comfort it should be offering. If u prefers sleeping in hotels than your bad, psychologically, your body is telling you that you need a new mattress

Tips On How To Clean a Mattress


Many people spend over five hours a day on a mattress. Therefore the surface of the mattress gets quite dirty, as there is a lot of perspiration, sweat and other bodily fluids. Dust also gets to the mattress, increasing the germs on it. Germs on mattress come on three main varieties, grease, tannin and proteins. Before starting on the mattress, make sure all the other garments, like the mattress pad, the sheets and bed spreads. Remember to check the manufactures label on what to void while cleaning the mattress, so as not to permanently ruin the mattress.

cleaning mattress

Some of the best ways of cleaning the mattress include;

  1. Spraying. Disinfectants like Lysol. They are harmless to the fabric, and remove any smelly surface to further freshen the mattress, use some baking soda, and then wait for 15 -20 minutes, before vacuuming it. Hold the lever firmly over the surface for some time, for deep vacuuming.
  2. Using the upholster on the vacuum cleaner. The advantage of this is that it has enzymes that effectively remove any odors. This is also the best way to clean the mattress if your pets sleep on it. Start vacuuming From the top, then slowly and in overlapping motion, work on narrow paths to make sure all the areas have been covered. Do not forget to vacuum the sides of the mattress. Work on the other side of the mattress once one surface is completely vacuumed. Once the vacuuming is complete, dispose off the bag and the filter to prevent any mold spores from leaking
  3. Using a garment steamer. This removes any dust mites that can be on the surface. Some of the stains may have dried up, and vacuuming it will not remove the stains. Remember mattresses don’t do well in moisture, so make sure it’s completely dry before setting it back. Deodorizing it also removes any odors as vacuum dries any stains on the surface. Isopropyl and warm water can be used to remove any odors
  4. Take the mattress outside. Some stains maybe moist or too much moisture causes them to get stains. The sun naturally dries them, and later you can sweep or wipe any remaining dirt on the mattress. Flipping it over, to make sure both surfaces are rid of the moisture. The sun may not remove any odors, so you may also need to apply any deodorant on the surface in case there is any smelly surface on the mattress
  5. Vinegar or citrus cleaner is very effective on some stains. Spray the surface with the vinegar, or apply it on a clean cloth and rub the surface. Both the citrus and vinegar are acidic in nature, and therefore helps in removing stains. Hydrogen peroxide also works effectively on blood stains. Dab the surface with the fluid, and wait for some few minutes until it’s dry, then scrap the residue off. Remember to use a white cloth to prevent dying of colors from the cloth to the surface of the mattress.